Beinestar Landscape Project


Here an apartment complex had a problem with the commons area. Central to the area was a beautiful historic Oregon White Oak that was beginning to show signs of stress due to all the traffic on its root zone. The desire was to save this magnificent tree and still utilize the space. Our solution was to construct a deck with minimal impact on the soil. Use long heavy box built steps to handle traffic and create open access and a place to sit for kids. Make the space inviting by softening the corners with plantings and brake up the expanse of hardscape. The project involved vertical mulching to revitalize the soil, composite deck construction, step stone path, drip irrigation, and plantings.


beinestar community project before
beinestar community project side before


beinestar community project after
beinestar community project side after
beinestar community project after pic 3
beinestar community project after pic 4
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