Landscape FAQ’s

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Construction FAQ’s

Q:  When is the best time of year to install a landscape?

A: There are many elements to a landscape that are not critically influenced by weather. Most influenced by time of year are soil work and planting. With proper precaution New Life Landscape installs landscape all year long.

Q: What are the payment terms for a project?

A: This really depends on the size of a project. Larger projects are typically 1/3 up front with a progress payment mid project and a final payment on completion. Smaller projects are typically half down with half on completion.

Q: How does the process work?

A: At the first meeting we like to walk the property with you and listen to everything you can say about your landscape. If after discussing your goals it is clear what is needed we can often send out a firm bid in a few days. When a bid is accepted a contract is drawn up and work is scheduled.  If after the first meeting there is not a clear understanding of work or the scope is larger we often suggest that the project goes to a design. This often requires a couple more meetings where ideas can be submitted and refined. Then after the design has been accepted a firm bid is submitted and upon its acceptance a contract is drawn up and work is scheduled.

Q: How long will it take to get started on the project?

A: Again, much of this depends on the level of preparation. Smaller projects that include a few simple elements can be put together and started with in a week. Larger more complicated projects require design, more materials to procure and more communication with customers and local planning departments. If you are planning a larger project it is best to start the process months before you plan on starting the project. No matter how large the project the process is much more efficient if you have prepared a general budget and have discovered how you intend to use the landscape. Also it is a good idea to start by taking pictures of what you like or gathering pictures from books or magazines.

Maintenance FAQ’s

Q: I am decorating my yard for the holidays. What will happen with the weekly landscape maintenance?

A: Many of our customers decorate their yards for the holidays. To ensure that items are not misplaced or harmed we avoid maintenance tasks around the items. For a completely manicured landscape we suggest that customers remove the items during the regular scheduled times.

Q: Do you ever have to cancel the visit due to weather?

A: Yes, we tell our customers to look to the local school cancellations as a good indicator. If school has been cancelled then there is a good chance that we will not show up. Rest assured that when weather allows we will resume our regular maintenance schedule.