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Landscaping is more than planting a few trees or consistent mowing. Landscaping is inspiration, collaboration and community. Our award winning service spans the length of the project, from initial design to final touches.
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If you're looking for functional aesthetics and greater curb appeal, scheduled maintenance is an excellent way to keep your lawn shining bright through all the seasons. We offer weekly and bi-weekly lawn upkeep.
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Our work ranges from landscaping single family front yards to weekly maintenance on large scale commercial projects. We've assembled some of the recent works, showcasing the before and after pictures.
View some of the past client projects.

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  • “I had a very well defined design that I asked 6 contractors to bid upon. Marshall and a second contractor were clearly the most knowledgeable. They both spent the time to really understand my requirements, and work with me to make the plan workable and come in at a reasonable bid cost. The second contractor’s bid was actually $500 cheaper, but I chose Marshall because it was clear he would be easy to work with, and I had high confidence that he would do a great job. I am very glad for my choi… Read more

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